About Us

The goal of the uBloop.com team is to provide the most user-friendly access to the largest collection of high-quality, free text anywhere on the internet. We have a large collection of texts which we provide free of charge. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Since its inception in 2003 uBloop.com's webmasters have striven to create a clean and useful website utilizing web standards, elegant technical design and simple, effective presentation. In the spirit of self improvement, the website team regularly updates the site content and adds new features. We welcome your suggestions.

Site History

uBloop.com was originally founded in 1997 by JB Bowden and Winston Tao, who built the site as a prototype web search interface. In 2003, the site was reconceived by JB as an interface to the world of free, online texts -- an online library. After many years of work, the result is what you see today.

The Crew

JB Bowden: the man behind the myth. A civil engineer by trade, JB began uBloop as a hobby, and has enjoyed watching it grow into a site to be proud of.

Matt Bowden: primary contributor. uBloop would have died in its early stages if not for Matt's long hours of dedicated work. He continually adds to the content and sees to the day-to-day operations of the site.

Patrick Fisher: technical architect. Patrick made the site a lean, mean, fighting machine. With his programming knowledge, he has taken uBloop into the realm of modern web design. He has worked long, hard hours to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that each and every page is up to par. Make sure to send any technical problems his way, because nobody else wants to deal with them. ;)